Hanbok Baby Boy 4-piece Set - Noble Man Dusty Green


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Introduce a touch of traditional elegance to your little one's wardrobe with our Hanbok Baby Boy 4-piece Set in "Noble Man Dusty Green." Ideal for Dol celebrations, family events, or any occasion deserving of a grand outfit, this set beautifully blends Korean cultural richness with modern functionality.

Colors & Design The ensemble showcases a well-curated color palette featuring a beige top, grey pants, and a dusty green long vest. This harmonious combination emanates a timeless appeal, capturing both the nobility and subtlety of classic Korean attire.

Beige Top The light beige top serves as the understated foundation of the set, allowing the more vibrant elements to shine. Its neutral hue pairs seamlessly with the grey pants and dusty green vest, making it a versatile and sophisticated choice.

Dusty Green Vest with Regal Embroidery The standout piece of the ensemble is undoubtedly the dusty green vest. It features a regal embroidery patch on the front, adding a layer of grandeur and intricacy to the outfit. This vest is a masterpiece in itself, elevating the entire look to one of noble distinction.

Grey Pants The grey pants provide a muted yet stylish contrast to the vibrant vest. Tailored for both comfort and style, they round off the ensemble with a versatile hue that can easily coordinate with other pieces in your child's wardrobe.

Head Cover (Bokgun) No noble outfit is complete without an appropriate crown, and this set offers a finely crafted Bokgun head cover to complete the regal look. This tasteful accessory adds the final touch to ensure your young nobleman stands out on his special day.

Comfort and Functionality We understand the need for comfort, especially when it comes to little ones. Therefore, this set is designed to be as functional as it is stylish, allowing your child to enjoy his special moments to the fullest.

Dress your little nobleman in this Hanbok Baby Boy 4-piece Set, and let him experience the richness and grandeur of Korean tradition. This ensemble is not just an outfit but a tribute to cultural heritage, making your child the epitome of noble elegance.

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