Hanbok Baby Boy 4-piece Set - King Red/Indigo


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Introducing our Hanbok Baby Boy 4-piece Set in "King Red/Indigo"—a majestic ensemble designed to make your little one look and feel like royalty. Perfect for his first Dol celebration, a special family event, or even a cultural ceremony, this set blends Korea's rich history with the comforts of modern design.

Colors & Design The set features a royal red Yongpo coat, deep indigo pants, and a crisp white top. This color combination, often seen in Korean historical dramas, exudes a regal elegance that's truly fit for a young king.

Royal Red Yongpo Coat with Velcro Closure The coat, inspired by the Yongpo garments worn by Korean royalty, is the star of this ensemble. Rendered in a vibrant royal red, it boasts intricate gold embroidery patches featuring dragons, which symbolize power and nobility. Adding to its practicality and ease of use is a Velcro closure, ensuring a secure fit and simple dressing.

Indigo Pants with Elastic Band Waist The indigo pants offer a rich contrast to the red coat. Not only do they add depth to the outfit with their timeless hue, but their elastic band waist also promises both comfort and a snug fit for your little one.

White Top The immaculate white top serves as an elegant backdrop, allowing the vibrant colors and intricate details of the coat and pants to take center stage. Its simplicity adds to its versatility, making it a staple that could easily be paired with other pieces.

Head Cover (Bokgun) with Gold Foils Completing the royal look is the Bokgun head cover, adorned with ornate gold foils. This exquisite accessory amplifies the set's overall grandeur, making your child the undeniable focus of any celebration.

Comfort & Functionality Designed with your child's comfort in mind, the pants feature an elastic band waist, and the coat comes with a Velcro closure, making the outfit as functional as it is beautiful.

With this Hanbok Baby Boy 4-piece Set, your little one will not only embrace the richness of Korean culture but also enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern design. Make his special occasions memorable by dressing him in an outfit worthy of a young king.

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